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Software Services

Building secure and scalable modern business and personal software. Discover what kind of software 3 Face Funnels has for you.

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Marketing & Traffic

We create sales funnels that work
for your business marketing goal
by producing real world results. Get Web Traffick Secrets with us.

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Web Radio Services

Run 24/7 a week web-based radio, under your full control. Join our efi discussion for more.

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Web Services

We build scalable and secure websites , database and web applications for your business or blog.

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Technical Support Services

We troubleshoot software for Mobile phones, Tablets, Windows, and Linux computers.


Free answers made easy, and effortless customer service is what your business needs. Make effortless and proven technical support that is impressive and trusted by many top brands in modern businesses. Hack resistant software at your technology premises or on the cloud. Beautiful and inspiring marketing content and sales funnels that revolutionarize the way SEO works today. Let the genius do your job and focus on your part as a business leader. Our experts and very professional business partners are eager to help you grow and focus.


Search Advertising

The Search Advertising started in as a marketing mechanism in 1986 by Yellow Pages. In those days, people would search for what they needed, call or go to the business places, or use other means to obtain what they wanted. Then came the "pause and see me first" advertising-like style where people would be disrupted while busy watching something on the television. It is believed that the first "pause and see me first" advertising-like style was launched in 1942 by the National Television Network (NBC) in the United States of America, and the first ads was paid for the watch manufacturer who wanted to show people watching television nationwide their new Bulova Watch product. The following years saw advancement in advertising sector where radios, newspapers, and direct mails were used to reach to people who may be interested in certain products or services on the market. Due to such innovative ways of advertising, people were now able to learn more about new and existing products and services around them, even if they did not want them or never thought they existed. In the meantime, what came to be know by many today as the "must have marketing" tools were underway. The importance of current and future social media platforms in the world was first felt on October 4, 2021, when three social media platforms called WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram (all owned by Face Book Inc.) became inaccessible for several hours. It was like a world blackout where everyone lost the communication with the rest of the world on those 3 platforms for hours. And suddenly (as a miracle), all 3 social media platforms were back, up and running, in less than 24 hours. Take away notes: such world black out has left unforgettable memories in all of us of how important current and future social media platforms are to us.

Today, as this book was being written, we're living in a world where the lack of a smartphone, a computer, or a television can be seen as an extreme poverty, with the lack of a smartphone being the worst poverty of all. We use the devices mentioned above to access the internet which enables us to have a consistent communication with the rest of the world right from our homes, workplaces, or anywhere the internet connection to our devices is possible. The internet was initially developed by the U.S. Department of Defense for private use, later the access to the internet was granted to the public for communication. As of 2021, it is undeniable that everyone needs access to the internet. It is through the internet that we are able to search for a word, product, service or place, and many other things on Google. We use the internet to sign up and access our Facebook account, create a Google mail account, YouTube channel or watch a video on YouTube and so much more. You can take advantages of the internet and many technologies that rely on it to create and grow your business from scratch, or grow an existing business. Want to read our entire marketing guide book? Click to read the book now.

Marekting Tips

Always use stop words in your content such as: Free, easy, efortless, painless, secrets, everyone, scientific, facts, proof and proven, special, ultimate, tired, discover, simple, new, revolutionary, genius, impressive, hack, irresistible, beautfilful, inspiring, healthy, and so much more.

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