3 Face Funnels Technical Support Services

Pruduct/Service Descriptions

Mobile phones or Computers Technical Support

If you have any trouble related to your mobile phone
that is running Android operating system, let's help you.
Note: we do not troubleshoot or help on iPhone or mobile phones
running iOS, such as iPads, or iPhone.
Let's help you to solve any software problem you may have with your
computer. We support Windows and Linux computers and/or servers.
We do not provide support on computers or servers running any macOS
Choose from the following technical Support services:

  • Trouble with your Android phone's apps or software
  • Help on your Android tablet's apps or software
  • Trouble with your Windows computer's applications or
    software (or Windows Server)
  • Help on your Linux computer's applications or software
    (or Linux Server)
  • Contact us today.



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