3 Face Funnels Web Services

Pruduct/Service Descriptions

Web Services

  • Domain Resolution to cPannel or Webroot Directory
  • A, NS, AAA, and/or MX Records configurations
  • Free SSL/TLS Certificates generation/installation
  • Deployment of your WordPress or Django applications to be available to the public, or any other web applications or pages
  • Databases creation, permissions or privileges setup, and all associated tables (new or existing ones)
  • Performing backup for your website and databases if you wish to migrate your website to another webhosting service
  • WHM/cPanel installation on your servers
  • VPS or Dedicated Servers setup that will be up and running within a few hours
  • Services


    The 3 Face Funnles, 3 Face, and all subdomains under the same name are divisions of PS Trading LLC, a low cost software company based in U.S.

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